Entertainment Weekly har samlet main castet fra den kommende tredje sæson af The Walking Dead, fordi en enkelt forside åbenbart ikke var nok. Det må man jo umiddelbart give magasinet ret i, for, for dælen hvor er det nogle fede forsider! Alle fire går i trykken, så tilpas frådende fans kan samle dem. Følgende tekst er taget fra Entertainment Weekly:

“If the sound you heard during the two first seasons of The Walking Dead was the persistent moaning of a hungry herd of flesh-eating ghouls, season 3 will bring an entirely new sound: the sound of two worlds colliding. That’s because Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Co. will face a brand new threat when the AMC drama returns on Oct. 14 — and that threat is very much human. While Rick and the gang are busy clearing out a prison in the hopes of transforming it into a protective fortress, not so far away is the town of Woodbury, Ga., and it’s self-appointed leader, the Governor (David Morrissey). Think these two communities can peacefully coexist in a post-apocalyptic world where safe havens and supplies are scarce? Think again.”

Produceren, Robert Kirkman, har følgende tilføjelse:

“This season really is about setting up these two worlds and watching them come to a head and collide. And you know that there are going to be some pretty explosive encounters between Rick and the Governor. This season is going to be about getting to know these two characters, and then waiting for their eventual confrontation that could destroy everything.”

Og skal vi så ikke lige tage den med The Governor igen?

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